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The Echelon Effect

The Echelon Effect project started back in February 2009 "from a burning desire to fall in love with music again" of the UK based musician David Walters. The Echelon Effect’s debut full-length, Reunion, was the final part of a quartet of recordings that form Wires and Tapes, an 141-minute sequential loop of tracks, each bleeding into the next and the last into the first. As a thank-you to the ...

65daysofstatic, EF & Tides From Nebula Photos

65daysofstatic, EF and Tides From Nebula played live at the Artmania Festival - The Altemberger Stage, which took place between August 7th to 9th in Sibiu, Romania. This year being the first year with a dedicated post-rock stage at the festival. A few photos from the event are now available below. click on the image to enter gallery

Arms And Sleepers Live Photos

Arms And Sleepers played live last Saturday at Control Club in Bucharest. A live performance by Mirza Ramic solo and visuals, photographed by Laurentiu Raducanu. You can find a small gallery from the event by clicking on the image below. An interview with Mirza Ramic is also available here. click on the image to enter gallery

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