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Along the highway, somewhere inbetween, maybe even after the highcoast of Norrland, a late summersday in the beginning of a descending decenium, we stumbled upon a old white church, scared and teared on the frontage by the seasons. Close to the sparsely-populated area of Bygdsiljum, where we decided to take a break, stretch our legs after hours driving in a stuffy rental car all morning. Cafe Americana from a ...

Gordon’s Tsunami Week – Dropped By Branches

When melancholy seems to devour solitude With their current EP Dropped By Branches Gordon's Tsunami Week - a Post-rock sextette from the bavarian capital Munich - once again prove their feeling for captivating melodies, which won't go under in the battle with momentum and dynamics. A wholly new track and 4 others, which are known already from demos, were re-recorded with love for detail, sounding much clearer and fresher. ...


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