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JakeL is the instrumental progressive metal project of Jade F. from Montreal, Canada. Here's what Jade had to say about his project: "I've started recording music straight into my laptop.. I just do it as a hobby and eventually it started to sound less and less crappy. I'm not expecting anything more from jakeL...! If people enjoy what they're hearing then that's great. I never really know where a song idea ...

Godspeed You! Black Emperor Live in Montreal

We Are recently released a video of the GYBE concert in Montreal, Quebec. "Godspeed You! Black Emperor (formerly punctuated Godspeed You Black Emperor! and abbreviated to GY!BE, GYBE, or just Godspeed) are a Canadian band based in Montreal, Quebec. Formed in 1994 in Montreal, Canada, the band has been highly influential within the post-rock genre. Working with orchestrated arrangements, the nine-piece group created tracks with wide dynamic ranges, a ...


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