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Gifts From Enola Live Photos

Gifts From Enola played Sunday in Bucharest, one of their last shows of the European Tour. With shy over 100 attenders the concert was a really good one, everyone being impressed by the performance of the Americans, which gave the audience, not one but two encores. Photos from the concert are now available below, once again by courtesy of Laurentiu Raducanu. click on the image to enter gallery

Mono In Romania

The Japanese band Mono are announced to play live on July 22nd in Cluj Napoca, exactly 2 years after the longest solar eclipse of the 21st century. Tickets are now available for purchase via at a price of 30RON ~ 7.5 Euro. Mono have released five studio albums. The band spent their early years, from 1999 to 2003, touring Asia, Europe, and America continuously, and released two studio albums, ...

Semiosis Live @ Flying Circus Pub

On December 2nd the local post-rock band Semiosis will play at Flying Circus Pub in Cluj-Napoca. Promoting this event is the newly formed Torso Booking (ex - TBA Crew). Being one of the first post-rock bands in Romania, Semiosis released last year their first album "Pictural" via Asiluum Netlabel and played along with bands like Khuda, Kokomo and Talbot. Download Pictural album (custody of Asiluum) Listen to the One Piece ...

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