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A Shelter In The Desert

A Shelter in the Desert is the result of a combination of facts, experiences, dreams, pursuits, and above all, the need to find a way to express feelings in the lives of a group of friends, from the most complex and deep, to the most mundane and superfluous, friendship was the main factor that led to five individuals to embark on an endless search to find an outlet for feelings, emotions, thoughts, philosophies and ways of thinking.

Feeling and living in some form of expression that free us, that help us share our own vision of the world and above all, made us feel the euphoria, relief and freedom to externalize everything that we felt and thought, all these things, which we share reached its climax in the foundation of a band; in March 2009, through the music, which was part of our lives from an early age and in many different ways, we could find the perfect way to express all that we share, and concentrate it on sounds, melodies, atmospheres and rhythms.

Despite that every one of us had very different musical influences, we find a point where everything could converge: Post-Rock, which we never saw as a musical genre, for us, it’s been more like something exotic, a musical tendency that we all found almost at the same time surfing on the net, all this because we had this ‘need’ to find new sounds, styles that take us to the ecstasy, sounds that satisfied our emotional needs.

That was for us Post-Rock and steels. For the same reason we could consider our sound inside of post-rock music, it’s versatility and richness expands our possibilities when we make music because contains musical forms ranging from classical to Rock, Metal, Jazz, Progressive Rock, even Folk or sound experimentation like finding sounds from different and common objects, or the use of technology to create new and weird sounds, all this converges on a set of sound and melodic passages, full of crescendos, like classical music, like our own lives.

Because all this characteristics we decide that Post-Rock was the ‘style’ for us to express whatever we wanted, it has no limits but infinite possibilities; and precisely, that ‘freedom’ attracted us as honey to bees.

Motivation, inspiration, all comes from countless aspects of the arts, such as film, literature, visual arts, etc. all this arts are collated to express one or many things from different ways and textures, we like to complete our tunes with an illustration, a photograph, a video or a writing and at the same time we like to extract some inspiration from all this arts. For that reason we believe it’s not quite necessary to use words because we believe that melodies tells better and they go straight to hearts, then to your brain, and creates a unique story, maybe better than our original story.

That’s how we tried to share our most sacred likes and everything that goes on our minds. All this has helped us to find new ways of making music. Our influences are a mixture of all that sounds that we heard since we were children, folk songs from a lovely mother, joy songs from a solid family, then the world opens, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, then Slipknot, Korn, Nirvana, NewMetal, Grunge, 90’s, we grow, and musicians as Hiromi Uehara, Victor Wooten and many others amaze us.

The protest of Molotov and Rage Against The Machine, the Jack White and Foo Fighters’s attitude, the traditional sounds of Efterklang or Beirut, and the voice of Stenindór Andersen, The Film Music and Epicness of Hanz Zimmer, Joe Hisaishi and Michael Glacchino, the majestic of Mozart and Mahler, the contemporary classical music of Ólafur Arnalds, Luigi Rubino and Max Richter, and finally, the bands that introduces us to Post-Rock: Godspeed You! Black Emperor, MONO, Avalon, Explosions in the Sky, Yndi Halda, Sigur Ròs, and an endless list of influences. All this musical richness took us to make the music we make.

In 2010 under the name ‘[reSound]’ we published our first namesake EP, with only 6 tracks
Also in 2011 we were presenting a sub-project, we made our own version of a live musicalization for the Park Chan-Wook’s film ‘Old Boy’, the show was presented in Biblioteca Vasconcelos Mexico City, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana and Octubre Negro, Puebla’s Festival.

After two years playing as ‘[reSound]’ we decide to change and evolve, so we change our name to “A Shelter In The Desert” a name that reflects better our thoughts, a shelter for our life deserts. And with this new stage of our lives we published our second EP named “Maze Of Memories” produced, recorded and mixed by ourselves independently. This Ep of 5 tracks was released digitally on August 24 of 2012.

For the future, we will be working on a special EP of covers of film music, and on our first full-length LP, which will include sound experiments, such as the use of the Armenian Duduk

A Shelter in the Desert is:
Erick Gonzales – Piano
Oscar Rodríguez – Guitar
Anuar Rodríguez – Bass, Duduk
Alex Rodríguez – Drums

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