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Alkerdeel – Morinde

No better way to start off the apocalyptical year 2012 than with the unleashing of Alkerdeel’s debut full album Morinde upon this world. After a few successful demo’s/EP’S, these Belgians are pushing up the ante.

It’s clear Alkerdeel has progressed quite a bit since the release of Luizig. Although the familiar elements are still present – raw sludge/doom infused with filthy black metal – the compositions have matured and gained more depth. The lo-fi approach of the previous albums made room for a more thoughtful recording process, making it sound perhaps more accessible but also allows the sound to reveal all its sluggish nuances. But rest assured, Alkerdeel remains Alkerdeel: a mean putrid steamroller that takes no prisoners.

Morinde is available as a digifile cd, limited to 1000 copies and as a limited 180 gram vinyl release (300 copies on black wax, 100 copies on red wax and 100 copies in a diehard edition on clear wax).

For preorders please visit Alkerdeel’s page on ConSouling Sounds here.

The video for the Alkerdeel’s first single Hessepikn taken from Morinde can be viewed on Post-Rock TV. Clip by Diederick ‘Herr Maniac’ Nuyttens.

Album teaser available below..

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