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Amenra Live @ Asiluum Night

Asiluum – The Free Experimental Netlabel presents on October 6th at club Fabrica in Bucharest, the concert of the Belgium band Amenra. As opening act are the local bands Mediocracy and Kistvaen.

The price of the tickets is set to 30Lei ~ 7Eu, more details soon.

Intense, heartfelt and atmospheric, rich with entrancing riffs, thunderous low tones, high impact percussion and cutthroat vocals, injected with a dose of religious iconography; it all coalesces into a beautiful, pitch black cumulation of overwhelming sound.

The band formed in 2003, in Kortrijk, West-Flanders, Belgium, they are currently working on their fifth studio album, Mass V which will be released late 2012.

“Human nature, the human heart, the spirit, the soul, consciousness – call it what you like – in the end, it’s all we’ve got to work with. It has to develop and expand, or the sum of our misery will never diminish. My own small discovery has been that this change is possible, it is within our power.

Without a revolution of the inner life, however slow, all our big designs are worthless. The work we have to do is with ourselves if we are ever going to be at peace with each other. I’m not saying it will happen. There’s a good chance it won’t. I’m saying it’s our only chance. If it does, and it could take generations, the good that flows from it will shape our own new societies in an unprogrammed, unforeseen way, under the control of no single group of people or set of ideas…”

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