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AMNPTN (Amineptine) – Seasons (Winter EP)

The dark and painful wandering through the vast iridescent landscape created by AMNPTN’s (Amineptine) eldritch sounds of Seasons (Winter EP) begins with a “Flare”. As it is named the sample loop that starts flowing from the first chord till the last one is portraying an accurate sound image for the chaotic personification in melodic form of a fire that burns and creates light, a guiding light, a sense of hope to these unearthly misty harmonious progression of piano and guitar chords that are struggling to fill the empty void like space.

“Pale” is the second stage of this decadent descent in which the bare bone structure of existence is exhaled by the long heavy tentacles of winter. The artistic dying like aesthetic is forced upon the whole accursed atmosphere with the fainting voice of the last breath of a man. The sorrow invoked by the lyrics is of the upmost purity challenging the song structure to subdue its powerful meaning.

“Stare” comes to strengthen the overwhelming emotion that the end is inevitable and hope has no place in this bleak god forsaken wasteland of doomed tormented dreams.

Its psychedelic background samples create the apogee of weirdness sweetened on the last moments before all is really lost forever. As the mere bottom of an endless pit has never been sounded by any man alive, the apparent adagio exposes only the prophetic silence before the storm.

“Fade” throws the last mournful cries before doom’s day comes. Samples are used to give a delay to the upcoming inevitable only to turn this senseless wandering descent into a tranquil ascension into the blissful unknown. The end has no lead to a return only a gloomy and somber sense of perpetual infinite emptiness.

Amineptine creates the perfect soundtrack to extinction using merged elements of ambient, experimental and post-rock. The only hollow left unfilled by this mysterious meaningful immersion is manufactured by the minimalist influence which makes things go too fast, disturbing the profound deepness of the it’s emotional essence.


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