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Arsiesys is a musical project created in 2010, in Paris, France, by Guillaume Apoc Dessery, founding member of post-rock band Exilym.

Through its ethereal sounds, borrowing from some post-rock and ambient melodies, sometimes with retro touch, Arsiesys depicts a world full of pessimism, where the main theme orbits around the end of the world for mankind, or even the universe.

3rd of march 2012 was the release of the first single, Why do you wake up so soon, why do you leave me so soon ?.

The first EP, Until the end of the World EP was released digitally the 21st of december 2012, then physically the 8 of april 2013 on CD, with an extra track.

Arsiesys is actually working on the future LP and a soundtrack for a short-movie.

“I always wanted to know … Why do we live?
Why do we think that everything we do has a purpose?
Why is it so difficult for me to get up in the morning?
Why don’t I believe that the passengers of TWA-800 have been the victim of an unfortunate accident?
Why am I not happy?
I will not have the answers… Until the end of the world.”

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