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Awake In Sleep

Weekly I receive on email lots of band submissions, many of them I don’t even get to listen more than once. I would like to apologize to them right here. But also there are bands that I can’t stop listening to.

One of them is the French band Awake In Sleep which released the first EP on June 26th. A post-metal self-titled release, containing 4 tracks covered by the great artwork of Flow Yan Chroma.

Inspired by Neurosis, Cult of Luna, Rosetta, Isis, AmenRa and Year of No Light, the French quintet Awake In Sleep are one of the best new bands of the genre.

Asked how the they started playing together, Andrey Kalinovsky replied:

“It all started a few months ago, when with my friends we decided to rent a place just for jamming a little. We didn’t even care about the number of the instruments, it was more of a “hey, wanna play with us ? yeah, sure” thing (hence the 3 guitars in the band). Having, for most of us similar influences, we actually didn’t even wondered what genre do we want to play, and all of it went really fast, and very soon our jam sessions became tracks. Most of these were written in 1-2 sessions, with only some minor parts changed later.

We decided to record something mostly because a friend of ours had a contact whose hobby is recording music, and since it was a good price, we thought it would be a nice thing to do. Sure, it would be better if we had an entire album, but we’re actually not sure about how we’ll be going next year because of some distance issues, so we figured it would be great to at least have some recordings, just in case. It was recorded in April, in two days and a half (and since it was the first time we ever recorded anything, we were pretty stressed, and some parts aren’t right how we wanted them to be), but it took some time for us to get through the mastering step, we just kept finding some details we would like to be changed. So, the final version wasn’t ready before June, 25. Then we decided to put it online, for free, because when we started it, we knew we wouldn’t even cover the studio costs, and we didn’t care. We just wanted to do what we love, and share our work with the most people we can. And actually, we were pretty much surprised by how fast it started to spread, which is really encouraging.

Now, the future. We’re not pretty sure, actually. We would like to find some local shows to play (the post-rock scene isn’t very popular over here) and would really love to start working on a real album, more professional and less messy, and take more time to record it. But we can’t tell how soon could we start these. We’ll see.”

Awake In Sleep are:
Guitar, vocals – Andrey Kalinovsky
Guitar, back vocals – Jérémie Godet
Guitar – François Clézio
Bass, back vocals – David Roger
Drums – Maxime Guerreiro

Listen below to the Awake In Sleep EP

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