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Burweed – Eyes Down South

The area of Karhula in South-East Finland is the origin of numerous metal acts such as Omnium Gatherum, Total Devastation, Domination Black, and Demonic Death Judge just to name a few. Musically, however, Burweed dives in the murkier waters introducing a thick atmosphere, a sense of ever-present danger, and ocean-sized melodies to the genre of alternative metal: their brand new EP “Eyes Down South” is a strong display of this.

The first foundations of Burweed were cast in 2008 when Toni and Eetu began to experiment with post-metallish soundscapes in the legacy of bands such as Neurosis and Callisto. In 2009 the line-up was reinforced with Lauri on drums and a bit later with Sakari Salonen on guitar. Soon the recordings of the self-titled debut EP were on the way. “Burweed”-EP was released in April 2010 and it was immediately recognized by listeners and received gratifying reviews in media. The sound of the EP was described as sad, atmospheric and crushing; yet with glimpses of hope here and there.

After touring in support of their self-titled debut, Burweed has been trimmed into a three-piece band as guitarist Sakari left the band. The new release “Eyes Down South” will mark the first live shows of this new line-up. Working as a trio opened up completely new approaches to songwriting. By writing new material with the trio base in mind, the songs became more versatile, coarse, and, surprisingly, more melodic. It also gave space to more adventurous arrangements, giving more room for each band member to perform. With “Eyes Down South” Burweed has truly found its own voice.

The best part of Eyes Down South is that the guys managed to combine the right amount of clean melodic guitar riffs and muddy sludge bass and vocals. With this 4 track EP, Burweed is one of the best new bands on the scene, you definitely want to check this out.

You can listen to Eyes Down South below.

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