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Candlestickmaker – A Life In A Day

After his debut album “Seeds” was released here on Upitup back in 2007, our Romanian wunderkind Candlestickmaker is back with us with a new full length album ”A Life in a Day” – and we’re terribly amazed to unleash this shiny new selection of songs to the broadest audience.

Featuring 12 brand new electronica tracks wisely crafted with a balanced mix of melodical goodness and enthusiastic bleeps and blips, this album proves us that our initial bet on this very young and very talented dude from Craiova was a good one indeed.
But the good news don’t stop there! With three additional remixes by Twenty Knives, Contorsionist and our old-time fellow Jonas The Plugexpert this album really deserves those 5 stars. Enough said, grab your mouse and go take it for a spin!

1. A Life in a Day
2. Unicycles
3. Take Me Elsewhere
4. To The Thunders!
5. Flat Four
6. Little Boy Who Couldn’t See
7. See
8. Unclog
9. Everything is 3:16
10. Faking Sleep
11. Memories Rewritten
12. Epilogue
13. Take Me Elsewhere (And Back Again) [Contorsionist Remix]
14. (Re)Seeds [Twenty Knives Remix]
15. To The Thunders! [Jonas the Plugexpert Remix]

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