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Arms And Sleepers Interview

Mirza Ramic from Arms And Sleepers answered a few questions for us while touring Europe promoting the new single Hurry Slowly and celebrating the band's return from hiatus. Hurry Slowly (single) by Arms and Sleepers An interview by Silviu Danaila (Philosopheon) with Mirza Ramic of Arms and Sleepers. 1. First of all how would you describe in your own words the metaphor represented by “Arms and Sleepers”? Well, it means different things ...

Kokomo Interview interviewed the guys from the German band Kokomo, as they have worth knowing plans for next year - releasing their third album, putting together their own studio, touring Europe and an appearance at the Dunk!Fest 2013. P-R: How did Kokomo started as a band? Have you guys played in other bands before and if so, what genre of music was it? Oliver: We started playing together in April 2008 ...

Isis Live Recordings Release Interview recently conducted an interview with Aaron Harris and Bryant Clifford Meyer (Red Sparowes) of Isis regarding their digital releases and their perception of the songs after playing them live for a while. Watch the interview here. Isis Live 1 is now available for downloading on Isis's homepage.

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