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Chaos E.T. Sexual

Chaos E.T. Sexual is a young ambitious project from Paris determined to mix hip-hop rhythms and layers of guitars to create a musical hybrid part of a physical and visual experience.

From the beginning, the project – oriented live experience has enabled its members to follow the path of groups like Headwar, Amber Asylum, John Makay, Alaska Pipeline, Valina, France Sauvage, Yoshitake Expe, Jessica 93.

The band members are: Yves “Chaos” (guitar baryton), Humbert “E.T” Humbert (guitar + machines) and Tarik “Sexual” (drum machine). In 2012 they first released “Ov”, followed by “Ovna” in late 2013. All tracks are composed, played, recorded, and mixed by Chaos E.T. Sexual.

The left guitar is serious, very serious, it sounds like a bass from beyond the grave, the beats are mechanical, cold and groovy, while the guitar on the right sounds totally shifted, as if trying to sound like in an Italian 70’s sci-fi film. One can think of Godflesh, Dälek, Neurosis, Techno Animal, but is primarily driven by a macabre trance, an universe that is not easy to forget. As soon as the ice breaks the death begins to blow on your neck and your body starts dancing on corpses light.

But fear not, you will certainly get away alive!

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