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Collapse Under The Empire – Shoulders & Giants

This last few months a lot of promo albums came on email for reviewing, some of them still waiting in line to be posted on the site. One of those albums is the October release of the Hamburg based duo, Collapse Under The Empire, Chris Burda and Martin Grimm, well-known on for their previous released albums and superb videos.

Shoulders and Giants is the proof of their musical growth since the first EP, Paintball in 2008.
Although C.U.T.E. produced three full-length albums in the last three years, they don’t really seem to be out of ideas and managed to come up with new stuff on every single release.

With an artwork by Muriel Derozereuil, released by Sister Jack Records and distributed by Cargo Records and Creative Eclipse PR, Shoulders & Giants is a complete album and one of the most significant release of the year.

“In 10 tracks, many different worlds of feelings will be experienced on Shoulders & Giants. It is a two-part concept work that thematically deals with the human existence, the dream of advancement, a life of absolute freedom, isolation, and death. The listener feels like they are on a trip through an icy, mountainous landscape without the slightest sign of human activity.

The first album, Shoulders & Giants, presents itself as somber and full of hope, pacifying and adrenalizing, fearful and caressing, unobtrusive and brute, loud and soft, silent and telling, monotonous and ever-changing.

With the two-part concept albums Shoulders & Giants and Sacrifice & Isolation, Collapse Under The Empire began their most ambitious work so far.”

Sacrifice & Isolation is announced for 2012.

Pre-order now Shoulders & Giants from the official page here or listen to my personal favorite track Incident on Post-Rock Podcast.

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