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Collapse Under The Empire – Closer

With Fragments of a Prayer, Collapse Under The Empire is releasing their first album under their own label on September 28th, 2012. The 10 instrumental tracks are very multifaceted, ranging from gripping melodies, orchestral dramas, and electronic confusion to the deepest, darkest epic; everything is present.

Here and there, wind instruments, pianos, and strings add new accents full of drama and beauty, and the listener dives into a type of soundtrack-like landscape. With this work, Collapse Under The Empire presents their most far-reaching compositions up to this point which will also please and audience across the post rock spectrum. Some might wonder why this is not on the topic of the second concept of the promised double-concept work. But Fragments of a Prayer is certainly not an interlude, but rather proof that new doors are opened with every album.

The first single from Fragments of a Prayer titled Closer is now available below.

Chris Burda and Martin Grimm, of Hamburg, Germany, founded the instrumental music project Collapse Under The Empire in the summer of 2008. In a short time, international magazines including Q-Magazine, Rocksound, and Clash took notice of the band and became excited about the cinematic sound of their first two albums. They appeared, for example, on the legendary Emo Diaries compilation by Deep Elm, an American record label. They also composed the soundtrack for the short film Sharks don’t Cry for Sharkproject, an organization that is at the forefront of the fight against extinction of sharks.

After their psychedelic mini-album The Sirens Sound and the split EP Black Moon Empire with the Russian band Mooncake, Collapse Under The Empire released the first part of their double concept work, Shoulders & Giants. The second part, Sacrifice & Isolation, will appear in 2013, one year later than planned.

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