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C.U.T.E. Find A Place To Be Safe

Collapse Under The Empire released their video for the album title track “Find A Place To Be Safe” (release 27th Nov. 2009). Find A Place To Be Safe is an album without any restrictions. Keyboard sounds flood your auditory canals, strings rule over the silence, while guitar walls pierce through sound barriers.

Your own imagination is be winged by reappearing flashes of sound that sometimes flow through what you expected to be silent. Everything goes, everything is possible and the album seems to change when you listen to it more than once. Collapse Under The Empire will cause the listener to react from total relaxation to cold sweated fear, and then embark on a journey through colourful worlds of sound. A journey through ice, fire, fog and reality to help you find your own soul.

You can see the “Find A Place To Be Safe” video below.

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