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Collapse Under The Empire

Collapse Under The Empire start their newest album Systembreakdown with a little electronic feel. Synth-pads cause the obligatory, melancholic mood, whereon the song flows into a mellow bridge-part, until it appears for the first time on this CD: the notorious “wall of sound”. A post-rock phenomenon, which has attracted all possible adjectives – from outstanding to horrible. Well, on systembreakdown? The words melodic and tangible might apply the most here. Those are drawn through, from the first to the last second – for 42 minutes.

Creating an album, which offers a central theme, aswell as the possibility to hold the listener’s attention for nearly three quarters of an hour is not easy for a band. The both guys from hamburg, however, handle things a little differently. By all means, the listener is allowed to drift away temporarily – sooner or later the band will take you back anyway. Oddly, it’s not the hit of the album, which is responsible for this, like usual, but single, crucial and convincing moments of this record. Everyone has to decide on his own, whether it’s the climax of the yearningly depending on you, the moody, electronic ambience of quiet dimension or the casual playfulness of the drums on further than the end of the world. The important thing is, that Collapse Under The Empire have built a countless number of these key-moments into their CD – there is one for everyone.

You can listen to the Buried In Pieces track here.

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