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dunk!Festival 2012 – Updated

Dunk!festival first took place in 2005 and was meant for supporting the local basketball club Helios Zottegem. It soon turned out that they were more supporting us than we were supporting them. So we decided to go our own way and try to be a break even operation.


Fuifzaal Bevegemse Vijvers
Address: Bevegemse Vijvers
9620 Zottegem, Belgium

The final line-up for the 2012 edition:

65daysofstatic (UK)
Omega Massif (DE)
Beware Of Safety (US)
Sky Architects (DK)
Mosquito (BE)
Alright The Captain (UK)
Vessels (UK)
The Allstar Project (PT)
My Empty Phantom (US)
This Will Destroy You (US)
Stories From The Lost (BE)
Steak Number Eight (BE)
San Diablo (BE)
The Beauty The World Makes Us Hope For (FR)
Pelican (US)
Kasan (DE)
Lento (IT)
If These Trees Could Talk (US)
Terraformer (BE)
Late Night Venture (DK)
The Samuel Jackson Five (NO)
Atlantis (NL)
SleepMakesWaves (AUS)

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