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East Of The Wall, Radare & Khuda Photos

Here are some photos from the last night concert of East Of The Wall, Radare and Khuda.

An awesome show opened by the British band Khuda, their music is an interesting combination of drums and electric guitar well mixed in a sound which you wish it keeps on going endlessly.

Khuda (Leeds, UK)

Radare (Wiesbaden, Germany)

The German guys from Radare seem at first a little bit shy, starting their gig with some downtempo bass tune, but as the show moved forward they really let it rip. It was a first for me to see a trombone on a post-rock concert.

East Of The Wall (New Jersey, USA)

Last but not least East Of The Wall rocked the joint out with their progressive/post-rock music. With a theatrical bass player those guys really made me feel like I’m at a rock concert. They came a long way to do that and I hope it worth it for them, because for everyone in the crowd it surely did!

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