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The Echelon Effect

The Echelon Effect project started back in February 2009 “from a burning desire to fall in love with music again” of the UK based musician David Walters.

The Echelon Effect’s debut full-length, Reunion, was the final part of a quartet of recordings that form Wires and Tapes, an 141-minute sequential loop of tracks, each bleeding into the next and the last into the first. As a thank-you to the people who had been instrumental in the evolution of the Echelon Effect, fans were invited to record spoken statements about what home meant to them, which were incorporated into the album’s title track.

In June The Echelon Effect released Pacific, the second part of a double album, first part named Atlantic was released in November 2013 and it’s available for download on bandcamp.

The Echelon Effect’s music is a mix of post-rock, shoegaze and ambient soundscapes, eternal and free from the music industry’s bondage. A true independent music project.

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