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I am Responsible by EF

Ef’s 2006 effort Give Me Beauty…Or Give Me Death was one of those typical albums where one or two timeless songs are balanced out with an otherwise weak effort. Despite this, the modest vocals, chiming bells and glockenspiels kept my attention. I am Responsible is the Gothenberg collectives second release on And The Sound, and on first listen it appears somewhat of a big brother to Give Me Beauty…Or Give Me Death… in that it is superior but does not come on leaps and bounds in terms of progression.

Ef’s sound is rather cliché and the band could be described as just another impressionist of Explosions In The Sky, but the fact is that Ef are very good at what they do. “Tva”, which follows the short opening piece “Soon”, is akin to throwing your curtains open in the morning to be greeted with sunshine flowing into your corneas. Cellos and horns appear in this uplifting number which throws the “how-to-do-post-rock” handbook out of the way, manufacturing emotion without resorting to basic, predictable chord progression.

Third track “Thrills” announces itself with booming bass and abrasive drumming, not what you would also anticipate when listening to Ef. The track is darker and a bit of a wake up call, straying away from the slow, dreamy songs that Ef are renowned for. It is difficult to believe you are listening to Ef when listening to this track, but with a minute or so left the song bursts into life as the drums and guitars come alive as if released into a clear, blue sky after being trapped in a balloon.

The album concludes with “A Tailpiece”, and if you loved Give Me Beauty…Or Give Me Death you are in for a treat. Saddening strings and horns which almost sound like they themselves are weeping seem to awake from nowhere at certain points in the song’s earliest life. Yet the song begins to rise after a quiet part featuring vocals in the middle, as the band then ends on a note resembling Yndi Halda practising their most joyous crescendo.

If you look for originality in a post-rock release, you may be looking for a while, but the genre does not lack in quality, as Ef have displayed here with abundance. I am Responsible is as calming as it is beautiful, and is packaged with moving climaxes and emotional instrumentation right, left and centre. It is delightful to see such a solid release at such an early stage in the year, and I hope that every band in Ef’s same ilk can re-create the genius of this release.

By Ally Hendrie

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