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Extinction Algorithm – My Forest Is Dead

Asiluum released today the long-awaited… I don’t know how to call it.. album, EP, track… music material of Mr.S and his project Extinction Algorithm.

Here’s the official statement..

“My Forest Is Dead is the soundtrack for the death of my childhood. This 26 minutes track contains all my memories and all my emotions from the first part of my life. I miss the village so much , my old house and the huge corn field behind it.

Also nature’s music, creek’s water and the movement of the forest…I miss life so much and to be alive. I’m afraid to go back again, there is only pain and so much death left there… Nothing shiny anymore. Just wrinkles, shadows and absence. I lost my past. I’m lost in a terrible present where I cannot find my place.

This silly time is the last thing that pushes me into the future’s nonsense. Now, as i share with you this box of memories, i become nothing. This is my biggest treasure and the single thing that i can take with me when i will touch the stars again.”

Donwload via Asiluum

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