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Extinction Algorithm

Extinction Algorithm is the first solo product of Mr.S, the mastermind of Satanochio.
This is more than just a simple record, it is an artistic protest, regarding the dehumanization procees of the nowadays society.

This is the alarm signal, born from the depression of the artist, regarding individuality’s extinction. The human soul is an endagered species but we can change it’s extinction algorithm. How? Remembering. That is the main purpose of this somehow unexplainable black metal rooted , dark cinematic anthem collection.

Do yourself a favor and share this record with as much people you can, maybe this way you’ll not reach that day when you’ll live alone on this dying planet surrounded by smiling monsters. Recommended especially for dreamers. This medicine can help you recover your native soul capacities.

“Under these stars my journey has begun
Above this earth I keep my shadow flat
Until I’ll become a part of one space,
equilibrium shall be the purpose of my race”

Listen to the Main Theme here.
Download on Asiluum

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