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Fago Sepia

In a few words “fago sepia” is a band made of old friends who were fomerly playing in other side projects. At the beginning of 2002 a concrete line up was constituted.
In the lapse of a year, the band elaborated it first demo, a “diy” 4 titles hand-made cd mixed by a friend.

The musical orientation tented to enlarge from the “bedroom music” format to a more rythmical one.
Been the first part of a fly pan am, the buzz started and a few opportunities to play in paris caught their attention.

They were invited by musical associations, who were not afraid to mix fago sepia’s aesthetic with more punk or hardcore tendencies such as french band like “Amanda Woodward”, “Funeral diner”, or “Unlogistic”. They also shared dates with band like “the Redneck Manifesto”, “Dragon Rapide” and “John Makay”.

2006, a first album : “l’âme sûre ruse mal” is published by “aposiopèse” and “bolton wonderland records” (fago sepia’s own label).
After this release, finished within 4 days of live session, a tour was organised between the south and the west of France.

The album is much welcomed by the critics, and a lot of reviews about “l’âme sûre ruse mal” can be read in european fan- and e-zines as “vital weekly”, ”comunicazione interna” or ”music boom”.

“L’âme sûre ruse mal” by Fago Sepia is in ”the silent ballet” Top 50 instrumental release of 2006 : the silent ballet

You can listen to the “Treize” track here on

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