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Gifts From Enola UK and Europe Tour

From June 10th to June 28th the US based Gifts From Enola are touring UK and Europe promoting their new self-titled album.

On the 26th the band will play at Control Club in Bucharest and on the 25th in Cluj-Napoca as part of the Multicultural Ways Fest with Fluturi Pe Asfalt as opening act.

Here are the rest of the dates:

June 10th | UK | Derby @ The Old Bell
June 11th | UK | Liverpool @ Caledonia
June 12th | UK | Manchester @ The Ruby Lounge
June 13th | UK | Nottingham @ The Chameleon
June 14th | UK | Leeds @ The Bell
June 15th | DE | Oberhausen @ Drucklufthaus
June 17th | DE | Kiel @ Kiel Explode Festival
June 18th | DK | Copenhagen @ Huset | Magstraede
June 20th | DE | Hamburg @ Astra Strube
June 21st | DE| Dresden @ Az Conni
June 22nd | CZ | Prague @ 007
June 24th | HU | Budapest @ Trafik
June 25th | RO | Cluj @ Irish Music and Pub
June 26th | RO | Bucharest @ Control Club
June 27th | SE | Novi Sad @ CKI3
June 28th | AT | Vienna @ Rhiz

Gifts From Enola is a four-piece instrumental post-rock band from Harrisonburg, Virginia. Their music is characterised with a strong riff-orientated guitar sound along with the soft-loud approach prevalent in some post-rock. They have released three full length albums and a split album. In July 2010, the band released their self-titled third full-length album.

Gifts From Enola have created an album that finally and perfectly captures the intensity of their live show and expands upon all of their past ideas ten-fold. Or maybe they’ve simply taken past ideas to their logical extremes, destroyed them, and birthed brand new ideas from their ashes. Either way, the band continues to evolve at an astonishing rate and further pushes their sonic spectrum into an unclassifiable area that is all at once hard to explain, but impossibly easy to listen to. And we don’t mean that in the “easy-listening” genre of music sense either. If anything, the band has become more technical and heavier than even the heaviest parts of “From Fathoms” (their critically acclaimed 2009 release), not in a “breakdown-and-beat-you-over-the-head” sort of way, but more in the album’s overall sound.

With more attention to dynamics than ever before, and a recording that truly demonstrates a band approaching a creative zenith, the new Gifts From Enola album is a lock to defy expectations and raise the creative bar yet again. Easily staying ahead of the pack by pushing themselves to color outside any preset guidelines laid down before them, the band has never intentionally shunned convention – but simply write music with their collective heart on their sleeve.

Listen to the Gifts From Enola album right here.

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