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Gordon’s Tsunami Week – Dropped By Branches

When melancholy seems to devour solitude

With their current EP Dropped By Branches Gordon’s Tsunami Week – a Post-rock sextette from the bavarian capital Munich – once again prove their feeling for captivating melodies, which won’t go under in the battle with momentum and dynamics. A wholly new track and 4 others, which are known already from demos, were re-recorded with love for detail, sounding much clearer and fresher. The songs, recorded in their rehearsal room and mixed by Liquid Aether, are glistening with their new splendour, the addition of the stunning sounds of the violine, so that the evolution of the guys will catch the listener’s eye immediately. Time and time again Gordon’s Tsumani Week deviate from the paths of their inspirations and are becoming more experimental. Post-Metal, combined with more Progressive, lain upon a gentle Ambient-atmosphere is creeping into the ear canals, just to be stranded there for days, not letting the listener go.

The first song, Aerotsunami, whose markedly improved recording quality now allows a multilayered perception, was refined and supplemented drastically. Violine, as well as some electronical elements dive unerringly into the flowing arrangement and prepare for the last minute’s tsumani, which sweeps everything away. But while the landscape is lying fallow only shortly, the band already drives to the next song, which offers an even more powerful overall picture than on the previous demo, due to the new violine melody and passionate drumming. In the third track of the EP the Munichs knock the listener over without any hesitation, captureing him in a song with lots of character, so that not even the chorus’ vivid synths are able to shake off the feeling of incarceration. While this feeling sticks at the heart, the longest and only unreleased song of the CD pushes the feeling of hopelessness with its positive vibe away. Passing Through starts with melodic, guitar driven Post-Rock that might resemble the encouraging sound of Caspian. But after 2 minutes hope seems lost already, one finds himself back into the same dungeon as in Angel is your Friend. But this time around, it’s not the ties of aggressive riffing, it’s rather purposeful harmonies and a very special electronica element that are responsible for the aggressive atmosphere and goosebumps. Wonderfully melancholic guitars and the latter entering violion celebrate a wholly indescribable mood, the resumption of the electronica-theme stays as a constant, while the sound is getting harder and harder until the song ends as it came: inconspicuously and nicely. Altough, at the end of the EP, in the song Band of the Story, Gordon’s Tsumani Week utilize known techniques, the ability to implement such beautiful melodies lets this song appear as unique as well.

The band succeeded to create an EP packed with emotion, which is able to accompany the listener in nearly every situation of his life. But, admittingly, Dropped by Branches unfolds its biggest impact in total calmness and darkness: when the dense atmosphere of melancholy and devotion seems to devour solitude.

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