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Interview with Aaron Harris of Isis

Sasha Horn ( recently conducted an interview with drummer Aaron Harris of Isis.

I’d spent two weeks drowning in Isis’ latest, Wavering Radiant, and at some point the album would develop into a character in the perpetually unfolding plot that is my day-to-day. Needless to say, I didn’t fight it. As a result, my sit-down with drummer Aaron Harris turned out to be more of a confession than Q’s and A’s. So I was extremely fortunate in that Aaron was as much a sponge as he was an informant; a great listener and a great participant. And because he was a genuinely nice person, I was lucky enough to be able to bring to you another installment in a series of relaxed conversations. Never forget that these things have just as much a chance of going south, though. Because I don’t.

Could you imagine, after letting this album get the best of me, if this meeting had gone terribly wrong? Yikes. But that’s life for ya sometimes, and the nerve-rackingest part of it all is the not knowing when it’ll hit. However, on this night, a few hours before his band would seduce a sold-out crowd, I was blessed enough to have life wait outside their dressing room door for about twenty minutes (with only one attempt at sabotage). I was also blessed with a scheduling hold-up that allowed for a couple of beers beforehand.

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