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JakeL is the instrumental progressive metal project of Jade F. from Montreal, Canada.

Here’s what Jade had to say about his project:

“I’ve started recording music straight into my laptop.. I just do it as a hobby and eventually it started to sound less and less crappy. I’m not expecting anything more from jakeL…! If people enjoy what they’re hearing then that’s great.

I never really know where a song idea might end up.. I record multiple guitar layers using a 7-string guitar and write drums using a drum sequencing program, then I mix and master everything.”

Listen below to the Shelter EP, self-released on September 1st.

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  1. Ron Burgundy

    I really fell in love with the album. I seriously recommend this artist to anyone who likes great inventive songs. My discovery of the year.

  2. Mancinnius III

    Really good self made music. Top notch.

  3. Juan Gonzalea

    Great music!

  4. Bob Grove

    Saw people raving about this on another site. Hard to believe this is self-made with a laptop. Agree with the comments above – really great stuff!!!

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