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Kodiak is a three piece Funeral Drone/Doom band from Germany. Their sound excels as a mixture of monolithic ultraheavy compositions with expressionistic poems. Their algid songs consist of long monotonous build-ups (comparable to a long lonely haunting trip through the arctic) and some seldom parts of eruption, disembarrassment and hope.

In May 2008 they released their first 2 song cdr via Denovali Records, which was sold out in 2 months. Since May 2008 they shared the stage with bands like Amen Ra, Black Shape Of Nexus, Caspian or Monarch. Definitely something for fans of Pelican, Isis, Omega Massif or Switchblade. In February 2009 they released their Debut LP together with Denovali Records. Later in 2009 a split LP with Black Shape Of Nexus followed on Denovali `Records and Roadburn Records.

photo by Olya Dzhygyr

After a yearlong phase of writing new material and playing selected concerts Kodiak are now back with a new 2 song record. Before they start to write a three album concept series in 2012 they decided to realize another collaboration: after the liasons with Nadja and Black Shape Of Nexus it is the drone ambient legend N who joined them to record an impressive wall of sound this time. Kodiak’s feeling for ultraheavy monolithic compositions and N’s eclectic intuition concerning complex soundscapes add up to a perfect musical symbiosis. The 2 pieces “Radon” and “Xenon” are combining the heavy approach of Sunn O))) with the soundscapes people like N, Troum or Thomas Köner have been experimenting with for 2 decades.

Current Line-up:
Tommy – Bass
Seppo – Guitar
Maik – Drums/additional vocals on recording

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