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Conceived in 2005 from a string of old 4-track demos and finally discovering the labyrinth of digital workstations and computer software, Kontakte became a realized concept in early 2006.

The desire was to blend something more organic in terms of instrumental guitars within a more electronic and hypnotic framework of programmed beats and pulsing synths. Initially being inspired by the walls of sound from all things Godspeed You Black Emporer to Mogwai, Kontakte’s other main passions were the ambient sounds of Brian Eno, mid-late 70’s German electronica and the early 90’s ‘shoegaze’ scene.

Taking elements from all these things, Kontakte have endeavoured to create a sound that is uniquely and deservedly their own.

Having released two singles, a debut album (featuring remixes by Tim Holmes of Death In Vegas and Chris Olley of Six. By Seven, et al) and appearing on the most recent Northern Star Records compilation; Kontakte have toured the UK, continuously playing intense live shows and receiving high praise both online and in the press.

Their sound being described as :
“Hypnotic, ethereal and beautiful. Kontakte expertly build the atmosphere of each track, often reaching a crescendo of massive, orchestral proportions – but with guitars !” – iTunes

“This is deeply affecting, life-affirming magnificence. The kind of music that picks you up when you least expect it to, transporting you from ennui and doubt to evangelical rebirth : a state of grace !” – Trakmarx

Having now expanded their live arsenal to 4 members, the Kontakte live experience is a blistering wall of guitar noise with shimmering electronics and ethereal melodies – a band to savour.

Kontakte are : Ian Griffiths, Gary McDermott, Stuart Low and Ben Worth.

Discography :
2009 – ‘Revolution In Sound’ – Compilation via Northern Star Records
2008 – ‘Soundtracks To Lost Road Movies’ (Debut Album) – Drifting Falling Records
2008 – ‘Motorik’ 7” split single w / Lightshines – Mind Exodus Recordings
2007 – ‘Sterile World’ 7” single – Enraptured Records

Kontakte are set to release their new single ‘Superbug’ via Drifting Falling Records in June, ahead of their second album scheduled for Autumn 2010.

On Podcast you can listen to the tracks “Hope” and “Early Evening Bleeds Into Night” from the upcoming album.

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