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Mauna Kea

Mauna Kea is the name of a magnificent volcanic mountain in Hawaii, hosting one of the world’s leading celestial observatories on its summit. In the summer of 2009, it gained yet another meaning for Mehmet Yaranona, Mete Yafet, Koray Erkan and Yiðit Ýrde, who decided to adopt it as their band name.

The idea of this amazing mass of land rising out of the depths of the ocean, peeking towards the infinite space, seemed almost like the ideal projection of what the four friends heard inside their heads as they made their first noises together.

Coming for the genre-oriented minds without any promise: Mauna Kea’s music is mostly instrumental, a hybrid sound, which borrows from genres such as progressive rock, post-rock, electronic music, jazz and many others, with occasional escapes to the band’s hometown, Istanbul.
Mauna Keans don’t hear alike. That’s why they crave for playing together.

You can listen to the Deceiving Sun track here.

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