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Meniscus began as an concept to write, arrange, and perform music that focused less on subject matter and conclusive themes, rather exploring expression of moods, feelings and emotions to tell a story without the use of words. Using organic influences, Meniscus have shaped their sound around the free-flowing and soothing properties of water, to the chaotic force of violent storms, with the ability to meld these ideas in a single track.

The first half of 2005 was spent arranging, rehearsing and refining their material which would lead up to their first explosive live show at the now defunct Marquee venue. After a very positive response, Meniscus began a string of live shows which carried them through most of 2006, playing venues such as The Annandale Hotel, The Metro, The Gaelic theatre, the Excelsior hotel, and Bar Broadway. Meniscus then took the first half of 2007 off to concentrate on recording their debut EP, playing only a handful of shows. with the EP due for release in late 2007, meniscus are preparing for a busy year in 2008, with an east coast and NZ tour, and preparing the material for their debut record. Be prepared for when the wave hits.

You can listen to their track “Pilot” here.

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