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Mescaliner, the post-rock band from Netherlands, recently release their debut album called ‘Eye’ which consists 9 tracks constructed out of a long series of freakout jams.

The album was recorded in one day to capture that live buzz at Crescendo Studios in Genk, Belgium. Everything was mixed and mastered by soundsmith Wouter Elen. The logo and artwork are created by artist Norah Dantchev. A Silent Ballet review is available here.

“We tried to create something with enough content and concept so that it would be an enjoyable listen. Our goal was to use ideas and melodies we jammed up that felt dear to us and then squeeze in a lot of sudden dynamic atmosphere changes so that we could cover a lot of different emotions and styles of music. Even so, the non-vocal approach and spacey guitars means a lot of post-rock vibes.”

1. Intro
2. Elyon
3. I am air and you are wind
4. Metropolis
5. Those that flee from the sun
6. All forbidden colours
7. Street chalkers drawing
8. Cloak of roses
9. Outro

These days, Mescaliner is working hard on releasing more material, and increasing their number of performances.
You can listen to “Those That Flee From The Sun” track here.

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