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Motek – Abused

The Belgian experimental band Motek released today their new single called “Abused”.

Motek is an audiovisual collective with a preference for the expressive force of music. Four daring musicians seek those moments of intensity leading to surprise and surrender. The songs sound full but leave imaginative space open for the listener. Motek loves it airy yet taut: melodies swelling from carefully interwoven guitars are firmly grounded by an inventive rhythm section. And thus Motek succeeds in creating a new and massively dynamic approach to cinematic rock.

Motek works from the gut. In an organic creative process, Motek is open to everything that emerges. Sometimes images inspires the music, and sometimes music the images. And indeed, the Motek collective already has various projects behind it: from music and video art to sampling, installation, and performance (Beursschouwburg Brussel, Vooruit Gent, Buda Kortrijk, Monty Antwerpen, STUK Leuven, Depot Leuven, Netwerk Aalst, Concertgebouw Brugge, Pianofabriek Brussel, the SDSM festival in Guardia San Framondi – Italy, Boombox Gent.

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  1. aliz

    why is this site in english??
    …just asking

  2. GOD

    Because it’s not dedicated only to .ro readers..
    Half of our readers are from Romania, the rest are world wide…

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