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Mountain & Contorsionist Split Release

Below you can find Asiluum’s statement regarding their old school tape split release.

“Guess you already got used on us releasing cd versions of our albums alongside the all familiar free download. But for this release we thought why not make something a little different and go back in time a few decades.

Mountain and Contorsionist were already planning on releasing new material on our label so it seemed natural on teaming them up for a split record. We all remember split tapes from the days of underground electronic music and even black metal so why not release one ourselves?

Some of you may already know the man behind Mountain as a member of another band brought to you by asiluum, Semiosis, or from his older project, Candlestickmaker.

Contorsionist needs no introduction; he already has two releases on asiluum, the last one of them, Starkiller, being easily on top of our preferences in terms of electronic music. Being a workaholic, he is also preparing for the inauguration of another project of his, Montgomery Clunk, only five days later on Error Broadcast.

These being said, wipe off the dust from your cassette player, turn it real loud and hit play!”

Mountain & Contorsionist Tape Split
#018 – 08.11.2010

Side A: Mountain

01. Vessel
02. The Great White Sea
03. Sun Paradox
04. Mt. Mnt

Side B: Contorsionist

01. fringe
02. terran
03. gamma
04. coldfeet

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Tomorrow November 9th @ Control Club official release party powered by Asiluum and Bring The Noize.

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