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Moving Mountains – Waves

New York based rockers Moving Mountains are releasing their second full length album on May 10th. Read below their statement regarding this event.

“You may have heard that we will be releasing our second full length album, Waves, on May 10th. It’s the band’s first collective effort on a full record, and a huge milestone for us. We’ve spent the past 6 years traveling, writing, and evolving this band, and ourselves, into something far more then we had imagined back when we started in Nick’s parents’ garage in August, 2005. We’ve been blessed and fortunate enough to meet all the people we have, and share all the experiences with fans, friends, and musicians we respect and love along the way. Without everyone’s support, we would not be here writing this.

Waves is an album that took us the better half of 2009 till now to make. Much like our older albums, we nestled up in a small basement, loaded our gear into it, and hit record. Luckily this time around, we’ve had the likes of some of our favorite producers help us reach our goals (Matt Goldman, and Mike Kalajian). This record bridges all the same sentiments as our previous releases – with where we are today. It’s a record, that inevitably became more honest, and true to the events that took place in our lives, and how we – as everyone does – learned to grow from them. We hope this record, along with all our efforts, continue to inspire and help people learn more about themselves and the world around them.

We’re looking forward to the rest of this year, and hope to see everyone who appreciates what we do while on tour in support of this album.”

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