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Nahrayan – The Beginning of the End The End of the Beginning

Nahrayan’s The Beginning of the End · The End of the Beginning is a living testimony of what the metal scene could do but it’s too stubborn to do it. Their second full length album is taking steps towards many unexplored soundscapes creating a range of total opposite feelings, from huge monumental chain reactions of hate to the insignificant pale shivers of fear, to the obsolete depletion of hope and the cruel and delightful nothingness.

“Demons without Face” introduce us in the world created by the raving mind of a wise psychotic conjurer, the mad prophet responsible for the end which is inevitable. The truth expressed in the absence of facial features of those who will bring doom upon us is essential for prolonging the agony of exactly what is meant to happen. The wall of bass and the heavy surreal distorted guitars, along with the gloomy post-rockish manifest of the lead guitar creates the perfect soundtrack for this invasion under the banner of pure white noise. The rough vocals emulate the twisted demonic war chant diminished only through the deep noisy eldritch silence.

The “Barathrum Fields” is the actual extermination place of everything alive. The end of life is just a necessary sacrifice to bring the balance back in to the unstable universal order. The horrors unleashed upon the dormant humanity are so rightfully done in response to the infuriating amoral self-destructive existence perpetuated by eons of ignorant generations. The ominous black hole that spawned the chaotic beings that are now breaking the cycle of soulless reincarnation is feasting upon the fallen with dreadful thrust and humongous hunger. The melodious graceful arrangements between the main voice fragments and the gorgeous female vocal parts are diffused into the obnoxious depressing soundscape.

“When Sun Sets Down” has a powerful and putrid touch of poetical melancholia. The sense of universal justice is now served and the only one alive is the mentally ill entity that is in charge of delivering the final blow. The enigmatic vermilion shades in which the sky goes burning reveals what the entire planet has just been changed. The prophetic touch of the last being alive is cold and treacherous. The entire melody of carefully crafted guitar progressions is exponential to the impact of total desolation brought with full force by the deepness of the brutal entwinement of vocals and doomy riffs.

“Red Moon/Last Sunrise” is the actual orgasmic state of total annihilation. Chord after chord spiced by the lead guitar’s a battutas and the drums which are really there and you can feel it under your skin, even in the marrow of your bones is drawn into the line of distorted reality. This misshapen state of things as they really are, rather than they appear or are imagined are, is being slipped by the short interventions of clean vocals. The entire piece brings up a new level of self-consciousness by the admittance of the futility of any other action than acceptance.

The image of “A Dying Sun” is so sweet and splendid in the minds of those who perished accepting the truth. The entire scene is marked by weeping and mournful colors invading the void like space, assuring the prolonged unfilled desire, this ancient ancestral need is satisfied by the natural metamorphosis. The entire process is beyond logical comprehension but in its soulless perplexing sepulchral manifestation creates waves of peaceful tranquility.  Yet again, the tremendous hypnotic undulating strings of guitar swiped with velvety and elegant strokes are balancing the berserk galloping of guttural riffs and febrile expressive vocals.

Who is really left out there to indulge himself with this grim “Hollow Grief” moments before the entire racket provoked by the massive mind-blowing phenomena is over.

The sounds are so violet, so violent in their execution that it takes too much distors to exemplify the catastrophic funereal feeling left in the barrens in which the gut wrenching black hole takes it’s victorious and triumphant place. This grief is not only hollow it’s also painted into shards of vexed wrath and vengeful vindictive cursing.

The sluggish way in which vocals, guitar, drums and base go on and out of this celestial stage is so powerful and zealously frustrating that it seems that there’s no end to the whole emotional affair.

“The End” is here to stay. It comes in huge doses of mystifying confusion. The human mind was never in complete faculty to understand its meaning and so it shall remain. The basic instinct of survival was just an illusion. An illusion that fed our greed and our wasteful nature. Everything is lost behind a great veil of pure darkness cushioned with the lights of long dead or new born stars. Our end was long ago written into our genetics and it was only a question of time but not the general idea of how humans perceive time. The universe had its eyes open, the after a short blink we were gone. The maelstrom of existential laws had never been destined to accommodate our parasite way of life. This is the crown jewel of “The Beginning of the End · The End of the Beginning” going through all aspects of melodic, technical and compositional forms of the entire album, from the instrumentation to the vocal and sample arrangements.

The conceptual meaning is too deep to be expressed in words. It’s like a silent theatrical play in which the actors actions is represented by the sheer expression of lyrical and instrumental lines of the entire album. It is more than a piece of music it’s a possible soundtrack to the future inevitable extinction of our entire solar system. Its pure sound merged into a state of the art form for a sinner’s soul.


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