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Rocket Miner

Rocket Miner is a five-piece post-rock band from Chicago which recently released their Elegy album, the follow up of the 2011’s Songs For An October Sky.

Elegy was helmed by engineer Mike Hagler at Kingsize Sound Labs. Hagler’s resume includes work with Neko Case, Califone, The New Pornographers and the recent Mermaid Avenue reissues from Wilco and Billy Bragg. A show to celebrate Elegy’s vinyl release is in the works, along with a small tour to follow.

At their very first live performance, it’s not unbelievable that Chicago band Rocket Miner was mistaken by an attendee for Russian Circles, another bombastic instrumental outfit from the area. Both bands deliver devastating distortion and ear-ringing quakes of sound in a genre that didn’t have many heavyweights as of 20 years ago. But while Russian Circles take darker turns and incorporate metal-esque riffing, Rocket Miner’s songs tend to blossom in slow-motion, like flowers blooming, giving plenty of time to allow the sweeping grandeur to earn its reward.

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