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Royal Talons – s/t

ConSouling Sounds is thrilled to present Royal Talons. Hailing from Denver (US), these riff mongers are just as eager as us to introduce their self titled debut album.

The cross-over between brutal sludge doom and psychedelic stoner doom on this album is second to none. Offering an adrenaline surge and being trance-inducing at the same time is no small feat of its own, but it’s the clever compositions that make Royal Talons really stand out. The brutal, heavy, riff monsters of songs flood the entire room, but are nonetheless tightly controlled and meticulously constructed.

Hints of hardcore/punk and noisy edges complete this highly original doom trip, with a gleamingly dark and massive production as the icing on the cake.
This debut album is a tantalizing experience for fans of ultra-heavy psychedelic sludge doom that will surely make your mouth water for more.

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