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Schematics for Gravity Self-titled EP

Schematics for Gravity self-titled EP is starting out as a museum exhibit which exquisitely uses of all the sound forms of the experimental genre.The choice of venturing far out into the unknown parts of the incomprehensible universe of music portrays the personal nature of the experiences that allowed the birth of this masterpiece.

“An Entire Ocean under Scarred Skin” takes us into the first part of this mind-blowing knowledge adventure. The eternal serenity of the blissful dream induced by the vastness of the ocean’s clear blue is carefully carved out with the melodic post-rockish accelerando till the point of no return which is simply signaled by the soft strokes of the bass guitar. Then hell breaks loose and the calm surface of this immense ocean is engulfed into a storm of powerful vigorous emotion. This is not a typically way a storm goes in and out. It has a strong fingerprint of the human creator’s condition. The aggravated state of madness is then sweetened again with the kindly and lighthearted exuberant melodic of the previous state of celestial calm. The dream goes on in a feverish frenzy like interchange of the opposite states. There are points where the raving lunatic insanity intertwines with the simple and humble grace. The dark ambience created by the ending of this battle between basic human instincts creates a gap in which you rest your head on a soft pillow.

Learning “The Art of Taming Waves” is a difficult painstaking process which starts with the mark of gorgeous magnificent lightweight harmony of an accelerando imbued with the beauty of a seagull flying above you and a choir like sample underlying which gives credibility to the whole. The sequence of heavy guitar chords and metal specific drumming takes you to the core of the teachings leaving you only one brief moment to deepen the forbidden knowledge about thyself. The constant bombardment of heavy riffs and the raw roughness of the vocals put an inconceivable pressure that is vital to overcome so you can be enlightened with the precious life-giving power to control the waves of your inner self.

The “Antithesis To Bliss” is being depicted in such a horrid dreadful display of ill subdued bittersweet ness that gives you no choice other than to escape this puzzling perplexed wondrous dream that now has become an overwhelmingly nightmarish realm of inhumane terror. Your only hope is to leave for good this planes cape using only what you’ve learned by trying to tame the stygian willful waves. You ignore your preservation instincts and continue trying to understand the incomprehensible. This is your death warrant and still you are lying here. Your curiosity takes the better of your rational judgment and impressed by the exploding force of changes happening all around you succumb and face the consequences. Your end is here and there’s no pity left even for your soul.

The musical and lyrical concepts of Schematics for Gravity self-titled EP forced me to remember another masterpiece, Dante Alighieri’s La divina commedia. Even though there are no true links between the two, I can clearly state with no critical disagreement, that “An Entire Ocean under Scarred Skin” could be the soundtrack for “Paradiso”, “The Art of Taming Waves” the soundtrack for “Purgatorio” and “Antithesis for Bliss” for “Inferno”.
As for a classical genre classification I would use the term post-metal with huge striking influences from post-rock, dark ambient and shoegaze with subtle patterns of experimental. Some will say that Schematics for Gravity music will be like a dream, others will say that is like a journey but the only fact is that it will make you feel something that transcends the human range of feelings.


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