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Sofy Major In Romania

Relish Booking presents on October 11th in Bucharest, the French alternative rock band Sofy Major. Also confirmed for the show are L’Homme Puma from France and the local act Mediocracy. The concert will take place in the newly opened Elephant club.

Two more shows are to be announced, on October 8th in Timisoara and on 10th in Cluj-Napoca.

Sofy Major is a Noise Hardcore band from Clermont-Ferrand (France). They’ve been playing for 4 years, and toured twice across Europe (one french tour and one Eurotour) playing aproximately 60 to 70 gigs in six different countries. The band released three records : an eponym 12” red transparent vinyl (CD version through Arghhh! Rds), a 10” split vinyl with One Second Riot (a noise band from Lyon), and a 7” split vinyl, released by IFB Rds, only in the US with american band Her Breath on Glass.

Next release will be a tribute compilation for the french noise band Tantrum (also staring Knut, Membrane, Cortez…). Getting their influence through heavy and noisy bands such as Barkmarket, Neurosis or Unsane, the band wishes to convey the Noise, Rock and Hardcore heritage of their french predecessors Condense, Hint and Portobello Bones. Evolving through calming atmospheres, epic music, thunderous and incisive songs, the band shared the stage with Boris, These Arms are Snakes, Amen Ra, or Lack, in order to defend a sincere, ethic and powerful music.

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