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One has to start somewhere. Spurv starts with the ep Blader som faller til jorden og blir til nye trær, four songs in a total of 31 minutes. The music is instrumental and melodic, and stretches from quiet and soft melodies to magnificent climaxes. Spurv should be of interest for those who like Godspeed you! Black Emperor, Red Sparowes and Explosions in the Sky.

Spurv was founded by Gustav Jørgen Pedersen in 2010, and consist in addition to him of Herman Otterlei and Gaute Kjølner Andersen on guitars, and Hans-Jakob Jeremiassen on bass. On Blader som faller… Jostein Lien handles the drums while Ragnhild Tronsmo Haugland and Inger Hannisdal plays cello and violin.

The band is active in Oslo, Norway and is not connected to a record label or promotion company. Spurv has since november 2011 played a series of concerts in Oslo and in Trondheim. Releaseconcert for Blader som faller… was in the backyard of Palace Grill, Skaugum, in Oslo 28.05. The band is featured on the pre-Øya festival concept Klubbøya at the same scene in august.

From 29.06.12 the EP will be digitally distributed by Fysisk Format/Diger Distribution. Blader som faller… was recorded in Hocus Focus studio with help from Erik Ringdal. Exept drums which was recorded in Spoon Train studio with help from Sjur Lyseid (The Little Hands of Asphalt). Mix and mastering by Sjur Lyseid in Spoon Train Studio. Music by Gustav Jørgen Pedersen.

Words and cover art by Gustav Jørgen Pedersen and Julie Arenthine Leding.

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