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Amenra & Environments Live Photos

Photos from the Asiluum Night #4, held Saturday 6th of October in Fabrica club are now available online, featuring the Belgian post-metal outfit Amenra and the local acts Mediocracy and Environments. click on the image to enter gallery Covered in darkness the concert was an unique experience of psycho-ambient sounds, screams of despair and brutal crisp vibes from the depths of the Church of RA.

Amenra Live @ Asiluum Night

Asiluum - The Free Experimental Netlabel presents on October 6th at club Fabrica in Bucharest, the concert of the Belgium band Amenra. As opening act are the local bands Mediocracy and Kistvaen. The price of the tickets is set to 30Lei ~ 7Eu, more details soon. Intense, heartfelt and atmospheric, rich with entrancing riffs, thunderous low tones, high impact percussion and cutthroat vocals, injected with a dose of religious iconography; it ...


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