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Caspian Interview

The titans of the modern post-rock, the mythical gods of music, whose sound raises all the hairs on the surface of human skin - they have mixed the usual 7 notes in a detonating cocktail of emotions, feelings, moods and experiences, and while you are drinking it, your musical taste receptors choke in the ecstasy of the long-awaited sound. They are creating such dense wall of sound, behind which ...

Caspian Live@ Le Divan Orange

We Are Post Rock have released new HD videos of Caspian and Arms and Sleepers live at Le Divan Orange, Montreal, QC. "We recorded Caspian Live in Montreal, QC and produced this HD concert 'cause this was something we couldn't have missed out on - doing it all for the love and for all our fellow post-rockers out there! :) THANK YOU SO MUCH for watching our videos!" Joe&Dan wearepostrock


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