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Collapse Under The Empire – Closer

With Fragments of a Prayer, Collapse Under The Empire is releasing their first album under their own label on September 28th, 2012. The 10 instrumental tracks are very multifaceted, ranging from gripping melodies, orchestral dramas, and electronic confusion to the deepest, darkest epic; everything is present. Here and there, wind instruments, pianos, and strings add new accents full of drama and beauty, and the listener dives into a type ...

Collapse Under The Empire – Dragonfly

In order to shorten the waiting time on the coming album “Fragments of a Prayer”, that will be available in record stores everywhere in Fall 2012, Collapse Under The Empire present a new composition to all their fans for free. The track won’t be found on any of their albums. In exchange for an E-mail address, the song can be downloaded for free till July 7th!

Collapse Under The Empire – Shoulders & Giants

This last few months a lot of promo albums came on email for reviewing, some of them still waiting in line to be posted on the site. One of those albums is the October release of the Hamburg based duo, Collapse Under The Empire, Chris Burda and Martin Grimm, well-known on for their previous released albums and superb videos. Shoulders and Giants is the proof of their musical ...

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