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Motek – Abused

The Belgian experimental band Motek released today their new single called "Abused". Motek is an audiovisual collective with a preference for the expressive force of music. Four daring musicians seek those moments of intensity leading to surprise and surrender. The songs sound full but leave imaginative space open for the listener. Motek loves it airy yet taut: melodies swelling from carefully interwoven guitars are firmly grounded by an inventive ...

A Swarm of the Sun

Jordan Volz interviews Jakob Berglund of A Swarm of the Sun to dicuss the release of the band's debut EP, The King of Everything, and picks the mind of one of Sweden's up-and-coming acts. A Swarm of the Sun (Erik Nilsson and Jakob Berglund) have been making music together for the past decade. How has the creative process evolved over this span of time, and why did the two ...


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