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East Of The Wall, Radare & Khuda Photos

Here are some photos from the last night concert of East Of The Wall, Radare and Khuda. An awesome show opened by the British band Khuda, their music is an interesting combination of drums and electric guitar well mixed in a sound which you wish it keeps on going endlessly. Khuda (Leeds, UK) Radare (Wiesbaden, Germany) The German guys from Radare seem at first a little bit shy, starting their gig ...

Interview with Aaron Harris of Isis

Sasha Horn ( recently conducted an interview with drummer Aaron Harris of Isis. I'd spent two weeks drowning in Isis' latest, Wavering Radiant, and at some point the album would develop into a character in the perpetually unfolding plot that is my day-to-day. Needless to say, I didn't fight it. As a result, my sit-down with drummer Aaron Harris turned out to be more of a confession than Q's ...


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