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Cult Of Luna, The Ocean and Lo! Live Photos

On April 29th Cult Of Luna, The Ocean and Lo! played at the Silver Church Club in Bucharest. The Swedish metallers promoted their latest album Vertikal, released on late January through Indie Recordings. A big surprise was the electronic influence in the Cult of Luna's performance, myself being a fan more of their original crisp sound. Photos from the concert are now available below. click on the image to enter gallery

Cult Of Luna Vertikal Review

Not recommended to read and to listen if you aren’t really into music. It’s 6 am and you’re walking in a desolate urban place designed by your own mind, by your own limitations, by the pure nature of thought, under the toxic induced coma by this drug called Vertikal by these Swedish worshipers of the moon called Cult of Luna. The verticality is in peril to be just some screen ...

Cult Of Luna European Tour 2013

On the beginning of 2013 the Swedish post-metal band Cult Of Luna have scheduled an European tour, promoting their new album Vertikal which will be released on January 25th in Europe and on the 29th in US. This is their sixth album after the last one, Eternal Kingdom released back in 2008. Vertikal will come out through Indie Recordings and they say that it's thematically influenced by the film ...

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