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Kokomo & Environments Live Photos

Kokomo and Environments held a concert at the beginning of this month at Cluj-Napoca in Gambrinus Pub as the German band toured Europe promoting their latest album. The self-titled LP was released late March via Dunk!Records. Environments have released their album Fraktal on March 16th with a concert alongside Mathieu Vandekerckhove and his project Syndrome. Photos from the Kokomo and Environments event are now available below. click on the image to enter ...

Environments – Fraktal release with Syndrome

Romanian ambient trio, Environments, will release their third album entitled Fraktal, on March 16th, in Control Club from Bucharest. Environments is Ștefan Panea(guitar, effects), Alex Ghiță(drums) and Marius Costache(effects, visuals). Building on their previous work, the new material takes their blend of slow rhythms, repetitive drum and piano figures and beautiful and meditative ambiental parts even further and expand it with minimal guitar bursts and freely phasing drones. The album also ...

Amenra & Environments Live Photos

Photos from the Asiluum Night #4, held Saturday 6th of October in Fabrica club are now available online, featuring the Belgian post-metal outfit Amenra and the local acts Mediocracy and Environments. click on the image to enter gallery Covered in darkness the concert was an unique experience of psycho-ambient sounds, screams of despair and brutal crisp vibes from the depths of the Church of RA.


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